Emerald Ash Borer ReLeaf

For a second consecutive year, Tree Canada has partnered with The City of Peterborough to offer a subsidy to approved home and property owners who wish to treat their ash trees against the Emerald Ash Borer. The initiative will offer owners of private ash trees a subsidy of up to $3.00 per centimetre of trunk diameter to treat with TreeAzin biopesticide against the Emerald Ash Borer.

This initiative launches on May 31, 2016 and continues through until August 25, 2016. Owners of private ash trees are encouraged to take advantage of this generous subsidy as an incentive to treat their ash trees and to help preserve the urban forest of Peterborough.

How the incentive works:

If you have one or more ash trees on your property, please apply by completing the details on the application form.

The City of Peterborough will receive your completed form and visit to inspect your ash tree or trees and determine if they are suitable candidates for treatment. The City arborist will also take a trunk diameter measurement. The trunk diameter is recorded in centimetres and is referred to as diameter at breast height or DBH.

As the owner of the trees, you will then arrange for a Licenced BioForest Service Provider to treat your ash trees with TreeAzin at the rate of 5ml per centimetre of DBH. Please note that TreeAzin is the only pesticide that can be used for this initiative as it is a natural product that has very low environmental toxicity. A list of Bioforest Service Providers can be found here. For more information about TreeAzin, click here.

Once your trees have been treated with TreeAzin by a Licenced BioForest Service Provider at the rate of 5ml/cm DBH and you have a paid receipt, submit a copy of the receipt to the City of Peterborough, Utility Services Department who will authorize payment from Tree Canada at the rate of 50% of the treatment cost up to a maximum of $3.00/cm DBH.

As an example, if your ash tree is 30cm trunk diameter or DBH and you pay $6.00/cm to get it treated, you will be paying the contractor $180.00 plus tax but will receive $90.00 back from TreeCanada. If you pay the contractor more than $6.00/cm you will still only receive $90.00. If you pay the contractor less than $6.00/cm you will receive 50% of the pre-tax cost.

For more information, please email Paul Hambidge at the City of Peterborough or call 705-742-7777 ext. 1813.